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Coaching by My Powerbuilding is your way to increase Muscle Mass and Strength,
and elevate your level of Knowledge in Fitness and Nutrition.
Est. 2024


Online fitness coaching

My Powerbuilding is a coaching company that guides athletes step by step to elevate their physique and strength to a degree of Excellence.

Our approach prioritizes the development of strength and muscle size fueled by the right nutritional habits. Establishing a solid foundation through the mastery of the Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift, combined with targeted physique sculpting, we guide you towards attaining the ideal mix of size, definition, and raw power.

Our coaching programs cater to individuals of all levels, ranging from beginners to advanced athletes. We customize our approach based on your level of experience in training, nutrition and knowledge ensuring that you receive personalized guidance every step of your journey.  

Coaching by My Powerbuilding means knowledge and progress for a lifetime.


For the past 10 years, it has been my goal to achieve the most muscular natural physique possible while smashing record after record in my squat, bench press, and deadlift. Throughout the years, I have learned that a good training program, fueled by the right nutritional habits and lifestyle outside of the gym, is what builds the true foundation of any physique. Additionally, periodization throughout multiple training phases and variety in training variables such as volume and intensity are crucial but challenging to master. Being overseen by a professional is what most gym enthusiasts need to get their best possible training program, gain knowledge about their training, and keep progressing towards their goals.


Therefore, I decided to create My Powerbuilding. Focusing on online fitness coaching to provide anyone, at any gym, at any time, at an affordable price with the correct videos of exercise performance, personalized training programs through the training app, and the correct nutritional habits to maximize potential in any training phase and life. This approach aims to elevate your physique to its maximal potential.

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After your purchase, complete our extensive intake form sent to you by mail.


Your program gets designed and is shared to you in your training app.


Weekly follow-ups,
technique reviews, adjustments, based on your progress.


Your online coach
24/7 available anytime, anywhere.


Get that body, smash your records, tag us and get posted on our social media.



Personalized training program with weekly follow-ups

Your personalized training program that caters to your goals (muscle gain, strength gain, fat loss) and tracks your progress effortlessly. Designed to your profile and accessible on your mobile phone through our own training app.

Nutritional guidance step by step

Expert advice on optimizing nutrient intake and ensuring adequate consumption of the macro- and micro-nutrients. By fueling the body correctly you will enhance strength and hypertrophy, leading to improved lifting capabilities, breaking your personal records and elevating your daily lifestyle.

Weekly follow-ups, adjustments & technique reviews

We track and fine-tune your progress with weekly follow-ups, allowing for adjustments to your program, with prescribed weights on your main lifts and technique analysis of your lifts by video. Everything to ensure your continuous progress.

Training app including The Exercise Library

The training app filled with an easy to follow step-by-step explanation of all exercises, use of equipment and nutrition hacks. Everything created by your coach to guide you with the correct information.


Our online coaching offers 24/7 availability by WhatsApp or Instagram in English or Dutch. Providing convenient access to personalized guidance and support for your fitness and nutrition, anytime, anywhere.


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